Version 0.2.12 Released

New features:

  • New Wacky Wodifier: Greased car seats.  This is my new favorite wod.  It's for those who think the drivers are a little too glued to their seats considering these jalopies have no seat belts.  I'm tempted to make this the only race mode and cancel all the other wods.  I won't... I don't think... well, not anytime soon.


  • Wandle track (the figure-8) has been made a bit easier by moving the barrier tires 2 meters further back from the race line.
  • Some sprite updates and tweaks.

Files 39 MB
Version 0.2.12 2 days ago 36 MB
Version 0.2.12 2 days ago 42 MB
Version 0.2.12 2 days ago

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