Version 0.3.11 Released - Steam Remote Play

These last two releases focus on Steam's feature: Remote Play Together.  At first, a long long time ago, that feature seamed to work with GRITS Racing.  Then, it didn't work so well.  Then, it didn't work at all, except with keyboard input.  With some updates from both Steam and Rewired, we finally took a dive back into this.  Turns out, the biggest problem was that one of us was running Steam's beta channel.  Anyhow, with that corrected and some of these other fixes in place, Remote Play Together seems to be working great.  (This, of course, was all on Windows and I suspect the Linux and Mac builds are easier to work out with Steam.)  Remote Play Together appears to be limited to 4 players... and we haven't tested this limit yet... or if more can be jacked in locally plus the 3 remotes (depending on controller types and Steam Input settings).

The car is a bit harder to control in low gear with the extra 0.1 to 0.2 seconds of lag with remote play, but the game is otherwise surprisingly playable.  This was with Steam's quality set to Auto or Fast.  It didn't work so well with higher quality settings.

IMPORTANT:  As part of this fix, to update the mappings for Steam Controllers and Steam's virtual Steam Input controllers, go into the Controller Settings menu and select the Restore Defaults button.  Well, that or map the car's Eject Wheels and Horn actions yourself to the Right and Left Stick Buttons yourself for each remote player connected (and/or for each Steam Input player or Steam Controller connected).

These were quick-fix releases.  If all goes as planned with "real work," I hope to get back to working on new features and content soon.

Version 0.3.11


  • Rewired wasn't mapping the two stick buttons correctly for the Steam Controller.  Fixed internally -- the fix will be sent to the Rewired dev for inclusion in future updates.


  • Various menu wording and order changes.  No significant new content.

Version 0.3.10


  • Updated Rewired from v1.1.29.4 to v1.1.39.1.  Most critically, this brings in some Steam virtual controller hotplug fixes.  As usual, this also adds support for more controllers.


  • Enlarged the spark particle sizes to make the sparks effect more visible.  Any larger and it starts to look more like flame than spark.

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Version 0.3.11 Apr 24, 2021 36 MB
Version 0.3.11 Apr 24, 2021 41 MB
Version 0.3.11 Apr 24, 2021 42 MB
Version 0.3.11 Apr 24, 2021

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