GRITS Racing Features

Realistic 2D car physics:

  • Proprietary physics code
  • 2D cars that actually steer via the wheels!
    • Nearly all other games in this category just pivot their cars on center.  We don't.  You may not see a difference, but take a car for a spin and you will feel it.  Quite possibly more realistic than a multiplayer couch game needs to be.
  • Car body and wheels modeled as individual physics objects
  • 4-wheel drive (AWD actually)
  • 4-wheel steering (rear steering tapers off at speed)
  • 4-speed transmission (plus reverse) with a torque curve
  • 430 ft-lbs (582 N-m) of engine torque
    • 4-cylinder Onnenberg 250 engine producing around 500 hp. Inline slant (or, “half-V” or “/4”). Basically, half a V8 with one side of the V removed. This configuration lowers the profile a bit but was primarily designed for weight balance in a wider engine bay that needs to share space with an AWD transfer case and driveshaft (underneath the slant). This also provides additional room for the headers inside the body.
  • Hand brake on the rear wheels
  • Breakable wheel fasteners!
    • What is it like to drive on 3 wheels and 1 stub axle?  How about 1 wheel and 3 stub axles?

Smashing 2D barrier physics:

  • Several barrier types with various friction coefficients and bounciness
  • Some barriers are nailed down with breakable nails
  • Some barriers are not nailed down at all
  • Barriers take damage and show it

Gripping 2D surface physics:

  • Several surface types with various traction and drag coefficients
  • Dry, wet, and oily variants
  • Oil slicks
    • Slicks appear organically during the race when and where cars break apart
    • Slicks don't artificially wipe you out but only make whichever tires touch it slick
      • If you can't handle a car with oil on some of the tires, that's your problem
    • Oil slickness on tires tapers off over distance
  • Skids and other tire marks vary in width by direction and vary in color by surface

Tabletop mode 😲:

  • Because games are more fun around a table (or on the floor)

Mayhem Model 1-A:

  • Pancake batter!*
  • Pit stops to apply more pancake batter and replace missing wheels
  • Drivers can fall out of cars in collisions
  • Cars can be broken apart after all wheels are lost
  • 4 cars per race (run to your trucks to launch your next car)
  • Tesla Shields™
    • Force field that protects drivers from cars while on foot
    • This can be very bad for naughty drivers
  • Le Mans starts
    • Seen any other games with this?
  • Not all barriers are nailed down! (oh, yeah, we said that already)
  • Up to 8 players on one screen
  • Bubba Prizes!
  • Save and share game photos showing off the mess ya'll made of the track

Mayhem Model 1-B:

  • 5 oddball A.I. personalities for 4 A.I. cars (from speed racer to student driver; one car sets its personality based on number of players)
  • Most A.I. features are now done but A.I. tuning will continue
  • Outdated devlog: A.I. Cars Unleashed!

Mayhem Model 2:

  • Playground rules!  Wacky Wodifiers that ask “lucky losers” to change up the rules between tracks:
    • Greased car seats
    • Far-out fat tires
    • Tractor wheels
    • Dualies
    • Area 51 Tesla Shields
    • Reverse-polarity Tesla Shields
    • Disposable cars
    • Dragster chutes
    • Jousting lances
    • Speed limit for pros
    • Bring it on (Racing A.I.)
    • and more to come
  • Leader Lamifiers that force “on-fire” players to add a rule to make things more difficult for the race leader:
    • Greasier car seat
    • Leader trikes
    • King of the hill
    • Finish-line showboating required
    • and more to come
  • Outdated devlog: Announcing the Beginnings of Mayhem Model 2!

Prison Dodgecar minigame:

  • Tesla Shields™ installed on the car instead of the driver
  • Like bumper cars meets billiards

Hockey minigame (Sansstíkdisco in some countries):

  • Tesla Magnets™ for run-n-gun puck control

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