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Hop in your “Billy Bub” jalopy, buckle your seat belt, and strap on your dandy Tesla Shield!

GRITS Racing is an 8-player party game featuring, well, wheels falling off more often than the mechanics would care to admit, and a “lucky loser” chaos controller.  This ain't yer grandpappy's arcade racer.  This ain't no go-karter with projectiles and powerups neither.  This is the most realistic top-down 2D racer ever built!!!... and then smashed up into a crazy party game.  We provide an alternate-universe physics playground with sim-like cars, minimal rules (to start)... and you decide what to do with it.


Old school gets a new-school makeover with more physics objects than you can shake a two-dimensional polygon at.  And, oh, the skids marks!  Did we mention the fantaaaaastic skid marks that dirty up the track like never before?  And it doesn't end with just the skid marks.  With debris everywhere from lost wheels and broken cars, and up to 8 players on one screen generally making a mess of it all, just getting to the finish line can turn a sweet, bird-chirpy, country drive into a friend-testing brawl of gasoline-fueled tenacity.  Did we say “country drive?”  Oh.  We meant to say “overly-amped, psyched-out motorsport!!!”

Welcome to the petrolpunk world of Globetrotter Racing where it's 1975, The Great War was the only great war, microelectronics do not exist... probably because no one cared about going small after Nikola Tesla and his descendants learned to harness the power of lightning—to put it simply—and invented the Tesla Shield™ for use in automotive safety and generalized pedestrian protection (GPP).

GRITS Racing is a game for the whole family and if somebody isn't laughing, giggling, snickering, or snorting most of the game... we aren't doing our job correctly.


Watch for an early release and more game details in January 2019.


itch.io and Steam and any console we can wreck these cars on.


Because we can... and it was really really fun to prove it.


Brought to you by the cow-skull boneheads at Muddy Desert.

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Wacky 2D car physics:

  • Car body and wheels modeled individually
  • 4-wheel drive
  • 4-wheel steering (rear steering tapers off at speed)
  • 4-speed transmission (plus reverse) with a torque curve
  • 430 ft-lbs (582 N-m) of engine torque (subject to change)
  • Hand brake for the rear wheels
  • Breakable wheel fasteners!
    (What is it like to drive on 3 wheels and 1 stub axle?  How about 1 wheel and 3 stub axles?)

Smashing 2D barrier physics:

  • Several barrier types with different friction coefficients and bounciness
  • Not all barriers are nailed down!
  • Barriers take damage and show it

Gripping 2D surface physics:

  • Several surface types with different traction coefficients and drag coefficients
  • Dry, wet, and oily variants
  • Oil slicks appear organically when and where cars are broken apart during the race
  • Oil doesn't artificially wipe you out but only makes whichever tires touch it slick (the wipe outs are up to you)
  • Oil slickness on tires tapers off over distance
  • Skid colors vary per surface (and can also vary per track)

Mayhem Model 1-A:

  • Pancake batter!!!*
  • Pit stops to apply more pancake batter and replace missing wheels
  • Cars can be broken apart when abandoned
  • 4 cars per race (run to your trucks to launch your next car)
  • Tesla Shields™ (can't have drivers being hit and injured as they run for their next car, can we?)
  • Tesla Shields™ (worth mentioning again because the counter force can be very bad for the car that hits one)
  • Le Mans starts (well, more of a cute feature than chaos-making)
  • Not all barriers are nailed down!  (wait, we said that already)
  • Up to 8 players on one screen
  • Bubba Prizes!
  • Save and share game photos showing off the mess ya'll made of the track

Mayhem Model 1-B:

  • 4 AI cars (features to be announced when built)

Mayhem Model 2:

  • Wacky Wodifiers that ask “lucky losers” to periodically change the rules of the playground (like Calvin Ball)
  • Leader Lamifiers that force “on-fire” players to add a rule to make things more difficult for the race leader
  • See devlog: Announcing the Beginnings of Mayhem Model 2!

Hockey minigame (call it Wheelball or Hwilball if you like):

  • Tesla Magnets™ for run-n-gun puck control

More minigames to be announced

* The pancake batter story.  Many years ago a racer was having trouble with the wheel lug nuts staying tight.  So, in desperation, he was looking about his pit area for a new idea to fix it when he spied his leftover pancake batter from breakfast.  He thought “It couldn't possibly be any worse, could it?”  Well, actually, yes, it was worse.  Much worse.  But the crowd loved the results and the rest is lost in history.  No one remembers for sure who this racer was but legend has it he was called Juan Tabo.  Official records proving the existence of Jaun Tabo have yet to be found but this hasn't stopped governments from naming libraries and schools in his honor.

The sport, then known as Wheel Wiggle Wacing, languished in the backwoods of the Southern United States for years before Gilded-Age billionaire, Billy Bub Worcestershire, bought the rights to it and turned it into the mid-budget international sport known as Globetrotter Racing.  Mr. Worcestershire had previously made his fortune with the invention and popularization of deep-fried grits biscuits and, as he stated it, “I understand food batter and believe in the future of all its lucrative properties.”  Deep-fried grits also became the sport's official snack food.  When the Tesla's later invented the personal plasma energy shield (PPES), or Tesla Sheild™, Mr. Worcestershire incorporated these shields into Globetrotter Racing and this variant, coincidently, became known as GRITS (Globetrotter Racing Incorporated, á la Tesla Shields).


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