The Pancake Batter Story

Many years ago a racer was having trouble with the wheel lug nuts staying tight.  So, in desperation, he was looking about his pit area for a new idea to fix it when he spied his leftover pancake batter from breakfast.  He thought β€œIt couldn't possibly be any worse, could it?”  Well, actually, yes, it was worse.  Much worse.  But the crowd loved the results and the rest is lost in history.  No one remembers for sure who this racer was but legend has it he was called Juan Tabo.  Official records proving the existence of Jaun Tabo have yet to be found but this hasn't stopped governments from naming libraries and schools in his honor.

The sport, then known as Wiggle Wheel Wacing, languished in the backwoods of the Southern United States for years before Gilded-Age billionaire, Billy Bub Worcestershire, bought the rights to it and turned it into the mid-budget international sport known as Globetrotter Racing.  Mr. Worcestershire had previously made his fortune with the invention and popularization of deep-fried grits biscuits and, as he stated it, β€œI understand food batter and believe in the future of all its lucrative properties.”  Deep-fried grits also became the sport's official snack food.  When the Tesla Institute later developed the personal plasma energy shield (PPES), or Tesla Shield™, Mr. Worcestershire incorporated these shields into Globetrotter Racing and this variant, coincidently, became known as GRITS (Globetrotter Racing Incorporated, Γ‘ la Tesla Shields).  Apparently influenced by GRITS' stock-car cousin, Banger racing, the official snack food of GRITS became bangers and grits (deep fried and otherwise).

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