Development Status Update

It's been quiet here for a few months so I wanted to update everyone on the status of development on GRITS Racing.  First, the project is not dead even though I can't say there has been a lot of interest in GRITS.  I get it, I haven't given anyone a game worth talking about yet.  Rather than trying to compete with all the other games in this genre, I tried finding something new.  I own the failures there.  There does, however, seem to be a tiny fan base and sales do trickle in.  Not enough, however, to pay any bills with.  Thus, much of my time lately has been spent looking for work and/or working small contracts.  That is also where I'll be for the next few months.  Considering that I don't do well in tech interviews and tech quizzes (I'm just not geeky-cool enough), finding work is no small task.  No one looks at the work you actually do or your references anymore.  They certainly don't care about how productive you are with real-world challenges.  So it seems the occasional freelance work is all I'm good for these days.

Those who know my other game-dev work (mostly found on know that I also often spend time on weekend side projects (currently, Sendit Soccer -- too early to show off yet).  I will continue to do so, as well as maybe putting some of that weekend time into GRITS.

Other than that, the current plan is to come back to GRITS full time for a few weeks here and there to get bigger updates and new tracks out.  I am also putting some serious consideration into what a single-player spinoff of GRITS should look like.  Bigger tracks, no playground rules, serious racing, stuff like that.  There's some solid physics modeling here that shouldn't go to waste.  The hope is that maybe these two games (weird party game and semi-serious racing game) could help promote each other as a bundle.  Regardless, I need to finish the single-player features of GRITS first (such as leaderboards) before I can jump into that.

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