Version 0.2.4 Released

New features:

  • Tabletop Mode!  Added by request.  Find it under Game Options.  This doesn't change any gameplay or mechanics (currently) but allows players during punch-in to set what side of the table they are viewing from, and it changes the controller accordingly.  Meant for venues with tabletop computers, those few individuals with tabletop computers, and those other people crazy enough to lay their TVs on their backs on the coffee table... or to hang projectors from the ceiling pointed at the floor.
  • The Controller Setup menu now saves changes to disk.


  • Some pause menu funkiness with multiple players has been eliminated.
  • Controllers not associated with a punched-in player are now completely disabled during a game.

Files 39 MB
Version 0.2.4 May 03, 2019 36 MB
Version 0.2.4 May 03, 2019 41 MB
Version 0.2.4 May 03, 2019

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