Version 0.2.3 Released

New features:

  • Smoke and dust emitters added to the wheels.
  • Increased the spark emitters for 60% more sparks.

Yesterday I decided that I could probably finish up the smoke and dust effects by the end of the day.  And, so I did.  I had started work on them nearly a year ago but then they got shelved for whatever reason.  Not sure why it took me so long to come back around to it.  Maybe I wanted to build the other heavy performance stuff before committing to this many emitters.  Yesterday, I had planned to include them with another update in the queue but decided today this update was too fun to wait another couple days.

Files 39 MB
Version 0.2.3 May 01, 2019 36 MB
Version 0.2.3 May 01, 2019 41 MB
Version 0.2.3 May 01, 2019

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