First Championship Versus the A.I.

Proof of AI life.  Here's the championship photo (reduced size to upload here) of my first full championship against the new AI.  I expect to upload this update later today or Monday.  The AI isn't complete yet... but more on that later when I post a news update.

Somehow, I managed to win only 2 of the 4 races (traffic can get crazy).  Now, it's not terribly surprising that Claude (a.k.a. Speed Racer) won on an oval.  But, how Rob (a.k.a. Wrong Way Ray) won on the last track is bit curious -- particularly that he won by 3 laps.  The Finger Lakes track decimated the AI with wide tires on; thus, I tightened up the lug nuts for the wide tires quite a bit more -- something I've noticed I needed to do during human testing as well.

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