First demo for GRITS Racing now available!

5 months overdue -- due to adding minigames and wrapping a decent menu experience around everything -- the GRITS Racing demo of the current alpha of the game is finally available for download!  [Imagine mild cheering here from our small fan base in New Mexico.]

Please download it and take it for a spin on a gamepad.  You'll be surprised by how much is hiding in this ordinary-looking game.  Then, tell us what you think we should do to finish the game.

The demo is limited to 2 tracks in race mode, 1 minute on the minigames, and automatic team assignment.  8-player multiplayer is allowed in the demo.  One of the bigger features yet to be built are the drivers for the AI cars.

Stay tuned for our early-access release in a couple weeks.


GRITS Racing demo Win64 49 MB
Jan 27, 2019
GRITS Racing demo Win32 46 MB
Jan 27, 2019
GRITS Racing demo Mac 51 MB
Jan 27, 2019

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