New Mayhem Option: Dragster Chutes

The final mayhem option that will be included in the first demo release is now done (more or less, for now): dragster chutes!  When a "lucky loser" player adds this option to the game, your Billy Bub now comes packed with a drag chute... not that you really need one!  But, like the pancake batter on the wheel nuts, these chutes are somewhat faulty.  Thus, when you get rear-ended (or backup into another car) your chute will deploy.  Make a pit stop to repack it.

The current chutes are just placeholder art.  Better art plus animation will come at some unknown point later.  Also, I turned off all the colliders on the chute for now until I have time to work out the collisions layers for it better.  This is not terribly critical for their affect, but they are a bit more fun (I think) when you can tangle them a bit (not seriously tangled) in other cars.  The current collision problem is that chute parts can instantiate outside the track walls which effectively pins the car in place... preventing further play... which is not good... d'oh!

I felt the chutes were important for the demo because the few other mayhem options built so far don't show much range in game design.  And, well, this only took a day or two add... so why not?  And, never fear, I still need to build at least a dozen more mayhem options before I can call the game done -- and they will likely get weirder and weirder.  Some of the planned ones will take a much MUCH more work to build.

Now, to wrap up some glitches and some busy work for the alpha demo... and ship it!  Finally!

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