GRITS Racing Gets a Multilogo

SOG: What's a multilogo???

MJJ: How should I know -- I just now made up the term -- and I don't understand half the stuff I make up.

SOG: Is it maybe a logo that changes to something slightly different every time we see it?

MJJ: Perhaps.  Sounds good to me.  And suspiciously insightful.  Weird.

SOG: Will you keep the multilogo?

MJJ: Dunno.


Aside from the multilogo stuff, the real point is that GRITS Racing has a new logo to replace the temp logo we had before.  This logo may be a temp logo as well since I didn't spend much time on it -- not as much as I would prefer to spend on a logo anyhow -- but I did spend more time on this one than I did the last one.

The last logo screamed too much of serious racing whereas I'm trying to build a game that is much less serious about racing than that.  Thus, the new and, hopefully, more fun multilogo.  The lightningcorn image is an idea I've had since April and we haven't come up with a better idea yet.  Although, to me, it kinda says "popcorn" more than "yummy gooey grits and Tesla Shields™."  Oh well.

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