Flamingos and Tri-ovals!

Our third track finally appears after a long hiatus in new track building.  The "Flamingo Tri-oval" (as it is called for now) is based on a mini version of perhaps the most popular track in the US.  Thus, love it or hate it, the tri-oval needed to make an appearance.  It will probably be the opening track in Championship mode due to its simplicity.  Our fourth track is also done but I'll announce that another day.  It is supposed to be a holiday, after all, so how much typing and uploading should I do today?

In other news, we're still pushing hard to get an early-access demo out soon.  It seems like that goal is always two weeks away due to other stuff popping up (it was hoped to have out a month ago).  A fair part of Mayhem Model 2 needs to be built before the demo happen; otherwise, people just won't "get" what we are really going for here.  Fortunately, initial trials of MM2 can come pretty easily in the game engine and it might be mostly UI work to get the early stages of it out for testing.

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