The Chihuahua Oval Trailer

At long last comes the appearance of our first trailer.  7 weeks in the making!  I wish it showed 7 weeks worth of making.  It was more of a grinding process than actually 7 weeks of work.  Also, it's not easy for us to arrange for 8 players at once (for reasons I'll ignore for now) and, amazingly, we were able to find enough footage in one run of one track to make a trailer.  Wacky!!!  I hope that says something good about the game.  We would have liked to include some audience shots (and we have such shots thanks to Brooks) but made the mistake of not being prepared to get their permission for such shots -- we're flying by the seat of our pants here! -- something we'll have to fix for next time.  Anyhow, now we have something to build upon.

Part of this process was also the writing and signing of a contract with a local musician, Buddy Hashbrown.  We think he did an awesome job!  We worked with him on several takes until it sounded about right.  Then, after I did some minor audio work with the takes, we had a track for our trailer.

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