The Caveats of a Broken GPU

Anyone looking at this project will surely notice a lack of video previews.  Well, the primary reason is that the GeForce in my Asus Strix ROG laptop burnt out last winter -- and I didn't even use the GeForce much since I spend most of my time building and little time gaming.  But, apparently, burning out the power circuits to the GPU is a common problem on these laptops whether you use it much or not.  Ugh.  And a replacement motherboard is stupidly expensive and more than I can afford right now.  Anyhow, that leaves me with the GPU built into the i7 CPU which gives me only enough power to run the game and capture 1/4 the screen at half the frame rate.

Sure, I must have other methods to capture some footage but adding the difficulty of getting people around one of those other methods to the current difficulty of pausing development to do so, is apparently too much to ask for right now.  I'll see what I can do to fix that.  It's hurting our marketing campaign (not that we have much of one yet).

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Another limitation here is no Twitch or other streaming.  Ugh.  This is annoying crippling to getting the word out.