The Kapow Layer

I realized a few days ago that it had been a long time since I thought about one of the more important features of this game: the attitude.  I've been so focused on the core mechanics of the engine and the rest of the game, that I've been forgetting to mention much about attitude plans (other than mentioning that we need more VOs).  Attitude plans are important because without them this might be just another top-down racer in a long line of top-down racers.  "Mayhem Model 2" (MM2) will battle some of that doldrumness but it will be hard to sell the MM2 features without the right attitude to go with it.  This is a party game, after all, first and foremost.  Thus, here it is: "Be assured there are plans for attitude."  There.  Done.

No, really, a crazy announcer with lots of voice overs, kapow visuals, and (possibly) character voices, are planned.  How it will all fit together and what will make the final cut?  Dunno yet.  Stay tuned for those details.

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