Version 0.3.6 Released

This update doesn't bring much many will care about but it brings something important for us: It allows us to the check the "full controller support" box in Steam for better exposure.  Previously, Unity's default game launcher window was disqualifying this tag because it requires a keyboard or mouse to navigate.  Thus, I finally added in-game screen and graphics settings to the Game Options menu and set the Unity launcher to only appear on request.  (If you are running on Mac and it is already set to appear from before this update, you can turn if off yourself with this checkbox in that window: [x] Only show this dialog if the option key is down.)

Our massive Linux community will also be happy to be caught up on updates (namely, the new Italian Mini Prix track).

This also puts us in a better position for when the Atari VCS finally launches.  While console builds do not need graphics options like this, it is not yet clear how we may first launch on the Atari because they are being annoyingly quiet in communicating with developers.  So, if we can only run on the Atari through side loading, well, we're now set for a keyboard/mouse-free experience there (after install, I hope).

New features:

  • Screen and graphics options added to the Game Options menu.


  • Rewired updated to v1.1.29.4.  As far as GRITS Racing is concerned, this adds support for the Stadia controller, and some other minor fixes to a few other controllers.

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Version 0.3.6 Jan 22, 2020 36 MB
Version 0.3.6 Jan 22, 2020 41 MB
Version 0.3.6 Jan 22, 2020 42 MB
Version 0.3.6 Jan 22, 2020

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