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GRITS Racing

Stop driving tiny cars that just pivot on center. You deserve better. · By Muddy Desert ⛈️🏜️, casualbrooks, mj.Jernigan


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To Drift or Not To Drift?
Drifting. It's a word that sells. In other words, if I changed the physics of GRITS Racing to easily drift the cars continuously and changed the name to GRITS...
Demo v0.1.5 released
A new demo version is out now for Windows. Mac should hopefully follow soon. New demo for Mac now available too. New features: Championship Standings screen a...
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New Trailer Released
Have you seen our latest trailer yet? It's a big improvement over our first trailer.
Postmortem: The Push to the Demo Release
Our demo release came out 5 months later than hoped. So, what happened? What went wrong? Did anything go right? In a nutshell, I grossly underestimated how l...
First demo for GRITS Racing now available!
5 months overdue -- due to adding minigames and wrapping a decent menu experience around everything -- the GRITS Racing demo of the current alpha of the game is...
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New Mayhem Option: Dragster Chutes
The final mayhem option that will be included in the first demo release is now done (more or less, for now): dragster chutes! When a "lucky loser" player adds...
Prison Dodgecar Minigame is Finally Here
The debut of Prison Dodgecar signals the last major addition to the game before the first demo release. "Yay!" There are still a few things to add and wrap up...
Announcing the Beginnings of Mayhem Model 2!
Technically, this announcement is 3 weeks late. Mayhem Model 2 (MM2) first appeared with no fanfare in public on October 2nd at an Albuquerque Game Developers...