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GRITS Racing

Simultaneously the craziest and most realistic top-down racer ever made! · By Muddy Desert ⛈️🏜️, casualbrooks, mj.Jernigan


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Announcing the Beginnings of Mayhem Model 2!
Technically, this announcement is 3 weeks late. Mayhem Model 2 (MM2) first appeared with no fanfare in public on October 2nd at an Albuquerque Game Developers...
The Challenge of Details Among the Meh Crowd
Do I believe in attention to detail? Yes, I certainly do. Sometimes, annoyingly so. More correctly, however, I believe in craftsmanship. So, what's the diff...
GRITS Racing Gets a Multilogo
SOG: What's a multilogo??? MJJ: How should I know -- I just now made up the term -- and I don't understand half the stuff I make up. SOG: Is it maybe a logo tha...
Wombat Combat and Wanton Destruction
My desire has been to start the championship mode of play -- the primary mode -- off with four or so easy tracks to draw the novice and non-racing-fan players i...
Flamingos and Tri-ovals!
Our third track finally appears after a long hiatus in new track building. The "Flamingo Tri-oval" (as it is called for now) is based on a mini version of perh...
The Chihuahua Oval Trailer
At long last comes the appearance of our first trailer. 7 weeks in the making! I wish it showed 7 weeks worth of making. It was more of a grinding process th...
A Track outta Upstate New York
A track based on Watkins Glen International has finally been rigged up and is in testing. Because we can't produce long raceways at actual length, we have to s...
Balancing Dark-Side Players
The other day we did a test with 8 players. Most of them new to the game. It didn't take long for it to devolve into a dark-side game with drivers abandoning...