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Linux Build Released
Admittedly, GRITS Racing is a small fish in a big pond... so... time to find out what it is like to be a small fish in a much smaller pond. Thus, I took the pl...
1 file — 0.3.1
Version 0.3.0 Released
Version 0.3.0 doesn't add much that will be noticeable over the last 0.2.x version -- it is more of a wrap to all the 0.2.x edits. That said, there was still a...
3 files — 0.3.0
Version 0.2.13 Released
Updates: The drag chute has finally received the attention to detail that pretty much everything else has. This isn't final polish yet, but at least it is more...
3 files — 0.2.13
Version 0.2.12 Released
New features: New Wacky Wodifier: Greased car seats . This is my new favorite wod. It's for those who think the drivers are a little too glued to their seats...
3 files — 0.2.12
Version 0.2.11 Released
Some cleanup of things missed in all the work of the last release. Fixes: Pedestrian cursor was being drawn on the wrong layer. Other minor sprite tweaks...
3 files — 0.2.11
Version 0.2.10 Released
This update brings some significant features and updates and -- if you haven't tried GRITS Racing in a while -- now would be a good time to try it again. Update...
3 files — 0.2.10
Version 0.2.8 Released... With a New Track!
Say hello to the new Wandle figure-8 track! (Based on the recently-demolished Wimbledon Stadium track in England -- and the same size as near as I could measur...
3 files — 0.2.8
Version 0.2.6 Released
This is more of a hotfix than an upgrade. This implements a small visual change in the menus. The rest of what follows in this post is just a tl;dr peek behin...
3 files — 0.2.6