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GRITS Racing

Stop driving tiny cars that just pivot on center. You deserve better. · By Muddy Desert ⛈️🏜️, casualbrooks, mj.Jernigan


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v0.1.7 released
Very minor update with no functional changes. Added some text to one of the menus to help keyboard users find their keys. Also added a note for Steam users to...
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So, where is the A.I.?
Anyone who has read the how-to-play notes, and played GRITS Racing for more than a few minutes, hopefully understands that this game is not just another top-dow...
Early Access Premiere Release!
After much ado — that is, after weeks of battling off the crazed, fried-grits-eating hordes trying to climb over the barbed wire around our highly-secure #gam...
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Demo v0.1.6 released
The new version of the demo doesn't bring any new features, just some fixes. Fixes: Updated Rewired package from to to fix the gamepad hotplug...
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To Drift or Not To Drift?
Drifting. It's a word that sells. In other words, if I changed the physics of GRITS Racing to easily drift the cars continuously and changed the name to GRITS...
Demo v0.1.5 released
A new demo version is out now for Windows. Mac should hopefully follow soon. New demo for Mac now available too. New features: Championship Standings screen a...
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New Trailer Released
Have you seen our latest trailer yet? It's a big improvement over our first trailer.
Postmortem: The Push to the Demo Release
Our demo release came out 5 months later than hoped. So, what happened? What went wrong? Did anything go right? In a nutshell, I grossly underestimated how l...