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Version 0.3.11 Released - Steam Remote Play
These last two releases focus on Steam's feature: Remote Play Together. At first, a long long time ago, that feature seamed to work with GRITS Racing. Then, it...
4 files — 0.3.11
Development Status Update
It's been quiet here for a few months so I wanted to update everyone on the status of development on GRITS Racing. First, the project is not dead even though I...
Prison Dodgecar is Back!
Prison Dodgecar minigame is back! The best 6-8 player couch minigame on the planet! Was it gone? Well, sort of. While working on adding the team-selection fe...
4 files — 0.3.9
Version 0.3.8 Released
Features or content? That is a tough question at times when choosing what to work on next. This time, I chose features since many features that should make th...
4 files — 0.3.8
The Pancake Batter Story
Many years ago a racer was having trouble with the wheel lug nuts staying tight. So, in desperation, he was looking about his pit area for a new idea to fix it...
GRITS Racing Features
Realistic 2D car physics: Proprietary physics code 2D cars that actually steer via the wheels! Nearly all other games in this category just pivot their cars on...
Endurance Racing Pre-alpha Release
With 6 of the planned 24 tracks now built (well, prototyped) it seemed time to start fiddling with Endurance Racing mode so players can select their favorite tr...
4 files — 0.3.7
Version 0.3.6 Released
This update doesn't bring much many will care about but it brings something important for us: It allows us to the check the "full controller support" box in Ste...
4 files — 0.3.6
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Alpha testers, beta testers, imaginary testers... you can leave your reports here. Thank you, Puddle
started by Muddy Desert ⛈️🏜️ Nov 09, 2018
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Is anyone interested in a Linux build of this game? While we intend to eventually publish a Linux build of this game, it...
started by mj.Jernigan Feb 01, 2019
1 reply
Any genre, any platform, and I would like to know, what was fun about it? Thanks, Brooks Muddy Desert
started by casualbrooks Feb 04, 2019
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We've been hard at work at getting the demo out the garage door. Hopefully it will be this month.
started by mj.Jernigan Nov 09, 2018
3 replies