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Prison Dodgecar is Back!
Prison Dodgecar minigame is back! The best 6-8 player couch minigame on the planet! Was it gone? Well, sort of. While working on adding the team-selection fe...
4 files — 0.3.9
Version 0.3.8 Released
Features or content? That is a tough question at times when choosing what to work on next. This time, I chose features since many features that should make th...
4 files — 0.3.8
The Pancake Batter Story
Many years ago a racer was having trouble with the wheel lug nuts staying tight. So, in desperation, he was looking about his pit area for a new idea to fix it...
GRITS Racing Features
Realistic 2D car physics: Proprietary physics code 2D cars that actually steer via the wheels! Nearly all other games in this category just pivot their cars on...
Endurance Racing Pre-alpha Release
With 6 of the planned 24 tracks now built (well, prototyped) it seemed time to start fiddling with Endurance Racing mode so players can select their favorite tr...
4 files — 0.3.7
Version 0.3.6 Released
This update doesn't bring much many will care about but it brings something important for us: It allows us to the check the "full controller support" box in Ste...
4 files — 0.3.6
Version 0.3.5 Released
On the heals of the last release which brought a small but fundamental change, here comes another small but fundamental change. I have kicked the AI NPC cars o...
3 files — 0.3.5
The Italian Mini Prix has Arrived!
The Rosa Camuna mini GP track is finally ready for testing (loosely based on a minified Monza). It was a long haul in part due to some awesome tool writing to...
3 files — 0.3.4