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June 2019 News Post
I wish to be as transparent as possible and to update the fans of GRITS Racing on the status of the game at least once a month during slow development periods...
Version 0.2.5 Released
New features: 10 laps added as an option (retail version) Tabletop Mode now rotates the Wacky Wodifiers menu 4 ways instead of just the 2 long edges In other ne...
3 files — 0.2.5
Version 0.2.4 Released
New features: Tabletop Mode! Added by request. Find it under Game Options. This doesn't change any gameplay or mechanics (currently) but allows players durin...
3 files — 0.2.4
Version 0.2.3 Released
New features: Smoke and dust emitters added to the wheels. Increased the spark emitters for 60% more sparks. Yesterday I decided that I could probably finish up...
3 files — 0.2.3
Version 0.2.2 Released
New features: AI cars can now pitstop when needing repairs. Not all AI personalities will choose to do so, however. I can't say they're terribly smart about i...
3 files — 0.2.2
Version 0.2.1 Released
New features: AI drivers added to the Bubba Prizes and Championship Rankings when playing with less than 3 players. AI drivers can now brake for hairpin turns (...
3 files — 0.2.1
A.I. Cars Unleashed!
Welcome to GRITS Racing version 0.2.0! The long-awaited AI has finally been added to our early-access game. This is just the first round of the AI and, thus...
3 files — 0.2.0
First Championship Versus the A.I.
Proof of AI life. Here's the championship photo (reduced size to upload here) of my first full championship against the new AI. I expect to upload this update...